Art Angels connects art buyers and artists

Collecting art is not just filling the empty space above your sofa. To buy art also means to invest in (young) artists and draw attention to new artists and new art forms.

For whom?

Art Angels helps you to find the right art

We believe art adds a new dimension to your life, be it at work, at home or in public areas. Art can be a constant source of inspiration. You can look at it consciously and feel it. You can identify yourself with it or it might strengthen your image. It will also have an impact on your environment. Art is communication with you, your clients, your employees, your guests, the public, basically with all people.


Art Angels is full service organiser and executor

Art Angels furnishes (office) spaces with changing exhibitions, ranging from modern art, photography, 3D art and sculptures. Art Angels is the professional helping hand for companies and also for creative artists who would like to bring their art under the footlight.

Art events

Trends, courage, innovation and experiences

Art Angels connects companies, architects, project developers, individuals, housing corporations and councils with artists, designers and photographers. During artistic events art is sold, connections are made and new orders will follow. To create an unforgettable experience, Art Angels works with established and new brands (drinks/food/fashion/design).

Commissioned art

Commissioned art for any occasion and any budget

Art Angels will provide you with the right artist to grant your wishes. For instance a beautiful decoration for your house or office. Maybe a portrait or a sculpture as a special gift to celebrate a milestone in someone's life.

Art in public areas

Art draws attention

Art Angels creates art projects in many different ways. Not only design, also execution. Art creates added value to public space, both indoor and outdoor, as well as to buildings.

About us

Limitless passion and drive

Marjo van Kleeff founded Art Angels in 1994 with one mission 'Art is communication'. All these years Art Angels has been a unique modern company inspired by Marjo's creative and practical input. A company where opportunities are created for artists and where businesses can count on professional guidance.


ART in WTC Amsterdam Free to visit Monday-Friday 8.00-19.00 h.

Alisa Lis   

Alisa Lis crafts towering flower sculptures using paper and textiles. Born in Ukraine and raised in St. Petersburg, she moved to Amsterdam in 2017. Alisa starts her process by observing the flower's shape. Subsequently, she determines whether to utilize paper or textiles. The flower and petal shapes are then measured, cut, and adorned with textile paint. She primes the textile with a hardener and shapes the petals to help maintain their form. Metal frames are applied to the petals to provide structure, giving volume to the flowers. Following the creation of the flower, she fashions, colors, and shapes a stem. Ultimately, Alisa integrates the flower, stem, and in some cases, additional details to fashion a unified piece. The world boasts an abundance of flowers, each carrying unique significance to every individual. While some associate them with joy, others find in them a powerful reminder of sorrow. This inspiration is driving Alisa to craft her sculptures, enabling us all to immerse ourselves in the multitude of connections and emotions evoked by flowers.

Sifra Vieten 

Sifra, 35 years old, is a self-taught artist inspired by the raw and vulnerable stories of real life. Together with her partner and three wonderful children – and a fourth on the way – she captures the beauty and complexity of everyday life in her art. Love is her greatest source of inspiration, which is evident in all her works. Her creative process is a mix of order and chaos, where she works intuitively and spontaneously. Her pieces are infused with a poetic soul, inviting the viewer to embark on a visual journey through the intimate moments and emotions that make us human. Her work is an ode to the genuine, unfiltered experiences that connect us and make us feel alive. With her self-taught background, Sifra has developed a unique approach to art, free from conventions and rules. Without formal training, she has taught herself techniques and styles through experimentation and personal discovery. This process of self-education has allowed her to find her own voice and develop an authentic artistic vision. Her art reflects her personal journey and the stories that deeply move her, offering an intimate glimpse into the emotions that connect us all. She sees each creation as an opportunity to share her experiences and the power of love with the world, making her work not only visually appealing but also emotionally resonant.

On show until September, 30 2024, open during office hours. Central hall A-tower and in the corridor under the Zuidplein direction parking.


Personal contact?
Call or Whatsapp: +31654770853

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